Thursday, 18 January 2018

Clean and Wax the Cars Together with Most Advance Car Washer Machine

Manmachine Works makes it easier for the hardworking businesspersons to own car-cleaning centers. You do not need a sprawling area to start a cleaning business. You can perform this task on a moderately wide compound with the Manmachine’s ingenious car washer machines. The company’s equipment even enables you to wash the cars with little amount of water. The proprietary products of this brand even allow you to finish the task of washing and waxing within a few minutes. Hence, you can wash more cars with greater efficiency and watch the profit margin to increase at the leaping pace with Manmachine’s SteamJet.

Durable Body
The body of SteamJet car washer machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum. Some exterior and interior components are made of ABS. These waterproof materials ensure excellent durability of SteamJet without any wearing of the exterior or interior components.

User-Friendly Features
SteamJet from Manmachine Works allows you to wash and wax the cars at the same time. This machine dispenses jets of steam to clean the cars and aerosol mists of wax to coat their bodies. It has separate buttons for steam-generation, wax-creation, pressure-control and release of steam/wax. Anybody can operate the user-friendly buttons of this car washer cleaning machine.
You need only 400-cc of water to clean and wax a car using this exclusive machine. This machine can create 6-8 bars of pressure with the steam-temperature rising from 80-90 degree Celsius within minutes. It performs these tasks with moderate quantity of water requiring nominal electricity. Hence, Manmachine Works not only increases your profit. It also reduces your total operational expense with innovative and energy-efficient cleaning machines.

Automatic Control
The Manmachine Works is unquestionably the best car washer machine company in India. It allows anybody to become an expert cleaner using the SteamJet. The automatic control unit of the SteamJet has a microprocessor that controls this device and its entire functions. It keeps the level of heat, moisture and pressure adequate and prevents the steam from causing any damage. You need not check the meters while cleaning the cars. This machine is even engineered to automatically mix and dispense the wax. Hence, you can concentrate on cleaning/waxing and enjoy a growing clientele with an improved level of efficiency.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Effortlessly Clean Your Car’s Interior with the Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

It is hard to find a vacuum-cleaner capable of fulfilling all the needs of your automobile’s interior. Manmachine Works is aware of this fact and manufactured different types of vacuum cleaners for the users. The ARES 37/1 car vacuum cleaner with single-stage motor is ideal for personal purposes. On the other hand, the EXCEL M–77/2 with double-stage motors is suitable for both personal and commercial purposes. Hence, Manmachine Works gives you the opportunity of making a selection based on your necessities and priorities.

Wet/Dry Features
The ARES 37/1 and EXCEL M–77/2 both have won the title of best car vacuum cleaner due to their utilitarian features. You may use these machines to clean dry and wet litters with equal efficiency. If you have children, then your cars can become easily dirty with wet litters. The dry-vacuuming features of a vacuum-cleaner cannot lift the wet litters off the floor.
·         This vacuum cleaning machines ship with a unique Crevice Car-Wash tool. You may use this device to lift the wet litters or to clean the car’s floor with water.
·         The blunt edge of this durable cleaning apparatus is also suitable for car-seats or floor-mats.
·         The sponge filter fitted inside these vacuum cleaning machines prevents spillage of dirty water.

Flexible Hose & Crevice Tool
If you need to lift the dry dirt particles off the floor, then Manmachine has the ideal tool for you. The length of the crevice tool’s mouth allows you to clean a large area at single stroke. This sleek cleaning device can reach the corners of a car’s interior without any difficulty. The corrugated flexible hose attaches the ‘Crevice’ cleaning tools to the vacuum cleaning machine. The vacuum-cleaning becomes an effortless task due to the presence of this hose.

Dusting Brush
The company is also attentive to the care of the operating buttons present inside the cars. A hard device may damage these sensitive components; therefore, these vacuum cleaners come with a dusting brush. The soft and rounded bristles of this attachment can clean the buttons and lift the dirt particles off the grooves without any damage. Hence, the cleaning of your cars becomes an effortless task with a car vacuum cleaner from Manmachine Works.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Enjoy the Excellence of Best Car Washer with Promising Profitable Returns

I was in search of an efficient car washer for my car-cleaning business when I heard about Manmachine Works. I visited their office to learn about these semi-automatic washers. This powerful machine amazed me with its cleaning apparatus and utilitarian features. The company has two different car washers capable of cleaning 20-40 cars per day. The HRC-PRO seemed ideal for my medium sized business. This car-washing machine increased my employees’ productivity since the first day of its use.

Amazing Pump
The powerful proprietary pump inside HRC-PRO has helped it become the world’s best car washer. The HRK-PRO is another high-pressure washing machine from Manmachine, and it also has this powerful pump.
·      This powerful pump stays cool after hours of cleaning with its deep-fins ensuring better cooling. These fins are located on top of the pump and along the backside.
·         This pump requires no exclusive maintenance due to low-friction alloy material used during the construction of inner components. The piston also lasts for years due to the use of thicker ceramic material.
·        The larger water-passage of intake delivery valves can deliver forceful showers of water. On the other hand, the larger ground-pistons ensure smooth strokes. The combination of these features can distribute the force of water equally over the surface. Hence, it is possible to clean the cars faster without any damage to their surface paints.

Extended Lance, Hosepipe & Gun System
The 10-mitre long hosepipe and the extended lance system have made it easier for my employees to clean the cars’ roofs. Manmachine Works gave me a curved lance with this car washing machine to efficiently clean under the chassis. This utilitarian device has eliminated the need for hydraulic car-lifting devices and let my employees clean the cars without any damage.
The gun-system is another utilitarian device available with HRC-PRO and HRK-PRO car washers. The gentle sprays of water coming out of this cleaning apparatus are ideal for any part of an automobile. It brings precision into your spraying technique and gives you more control.
The functional features of HRC-PRO/HRK-PRO car washer can increase the productivity of any car-cleaning business. Your one-time investment during the purchase guarantees profitable returns for years.

Monday, 18 September 2017

What You Should Know about Car Wash Chemicals

Several different car wash chemicals are available for deep cleaning. This includes a mixture of varied ingredients designed for specific purpose. Solvents, surfactant, chelators, wetting agents, and saponifiers are the most common types of chemicals in use. The surfactant is the detergent and the soap. It contains two compounds mainly where one molecule of attraction for soil or the dirt and the other for water. Chemical compound with attraction for water is the hydrophile and its function is to surround the dirt. Similarly, the compound attracted to dirt is the hydrophobe with the function of breaking soil to small pieces for the hydrophile to surround. This dirt floats away upon washing.
The commonest solvent for washing cars is water. Mineral spirits will work quite effectively on grease, tar and other petroleum soils. It might become necessary to use mineral spirits upon surfaces where water damage might occur. Besides this, the professionals also use care chemicals like the butyl and d-limonene that is made from lemon peels and orange. The chemists will modify hydrophobe and hydrophile molecules for changing surfactant characteristics. Despite the surfactant being a good detergent, it might not be an effective penetrating agent.

Wetting and penetration facilitate surrounding of soil by water for removal. It is possible to improve performance of quality detergent surfactant through inclusion of second surfactant with good penetrating and wetting capabilities. Chemists use agents like saponifiers that are alkaline substances for converting oil and fat into soap. Some shampoos used by car washer professionals have the capability to hold suds for longer periods in comparison to others. You cannot however distinguish quality wash products just by the amount of suds they can produce.
As far as the chemicals for car washing goes, you require alkaline cleaners for removing organic soil. Car wash wax will give the surface the required shine and you will be the proud owner of your car all over again. The professional services will make sure that the appearance of the car resembles its showroom like appeal. For you this might appear just like magic and to get the best solutions you must contact the experts. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Why Use Hot Water at High Pressure Car Washer

High pressure car washer can be hot or cold. The flow rate related to both modes can be same even the pressure and cleaning effectiveness is similar. With both offering almost the same benefits, you must make informed decisions when it comes to choices. High pressure car washer that uses hot water packs energetic, powerful punch and reduces the surface tension of the water adding to its capability to remove grime and grease. Soap, agitation, and the heat are the three components that made this quite effective in every way.

·         Soap: Detergent will break the chemical bond present between surface of the car and the dirt. The grease and oil molecules attached to direct trapping them in binding it to surfaces. The detergent will work as softening agent or the surfactant for emulsifying the grease and oil. Tow the washed water will carry this away.

·         Heat: It gives rise to molecular high-speed action increasing the activity of the cleaning agent it also reduces surface tension of the water for effective penetration to the grime and molecular levels.

·         Agitation: It refers to influence from water pressure and volume that have the surface. It works just as hand scrubbing for dirty dishes in the kitchen.

For cleaning the engine and automotive parts containing grease and oil, hot water is necessary. At automatic car wash, they might use both hot and cold water as needed by the clients. When you use cold water for grime and grease, it will just push it around and will prove to be ineffective. Besides, hot water, use of steam for cleaning is also common. The steam combination feature involves super heating of water to 280°F for creation of saturated steam. The professionals will use this technique in certain applications that require such high temperature cleaning.

Experienced car cleaners understand very well which processes work the best for a specific condition. For this reason, you can depend upon them for making the appropriate choices. They will explain the pros and cons related to the situation and will make selections accordingly.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Benefits of Touchless Car Washer Equipment

Become environment conscious and protect the car resale value by opting for touch less car washer methods. Available at automatic washes, it is a good way to reduce the pollution of groundwater, preserve the finish and paint of your car, and save water in general. Ultimately, you will be retraining the vehicle resale value completely. There are different environmental reasons behind the use of touchless car wash equipment. When you undertake the same at home, you will be using about 150 gallons of water. On the other hand, when you are opting for automatic, brushless wash method, it involves the use of only 35 gallons of water.

The detergent and the soap that you use for washing the vehicles, including the grunge coming off from the vehicle’s surface will sink into the ground polluting the local water supply. On the other hand, the professional washing services will reclaim the water they use for washing purposes. They will use the same water following treatment and cleaning for the subsequent washes. Besides that, the whole process is much faster than the time taken at home for washing your car. This is because they use avant-garde car wash equipment that is powerful on the dirt but gentle on the vehicle.
You do not want to put scratches on the paint surface of your car even accidentally. Sadly, this is what is going to happen when you tackle the washing on your own. The things that you use for cleaning such as the brushes and sponges will produce tiny yet ungainly scratches upon the paint. Fine silt, sand, and dirt particles will become trapped inside the sponge or the brush. It is difficult to control over this kind of problems. Thus, when you tackle the wash at home you are ultimately degrading the paint finish.

Studies show that the scratches you produce through use of sponges and brushes during the washes go up to 10% of paint thickness. Instead, when using highpressure car washer for professionals cleaning, it removes the dirt and gives your car showroom like appearance without doing any damage to the paint surfaces.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Car Vacuum Cleaner and Car Upholstery Cleaner

With the availability of different types of automobiles in the market, today, the demand for car upholstery cleaner has significantly increased. The car upholstery cleaners are available in the form of both simple upholstery cleaners and car vacuum cleaner.
Car Vacuum Cleaner
Cleaning the interior of your car can be tricky sometimes, especially if you travel with kids or pets. Cleaning the car becomes a tiring task, and so you should depend on branded car vacuum cleaners. They are usually handheld and cordless devices, giving you the convenience of cleaning every corner of your car. However, this is not the only benefit of car vacuum cleaners. Read on to explore further points.
  • There is always an ease of use when it comes to the car vacuum cleaner. All they have is a power on and off button.
  • You should use car vacuum cleaners for not just efficient cleaning but quick cleaning too.
  • You don’t have to worry about using electric power based cleaners only. There are three different types of car vacuum cleaners in market. First is the standard plug in cleaner for which you need a power output. Second is the battery operated vacuum cleaner; and the third one is automobile operated type that can be set up in the car itself.
  • Having a vacuum cleaner for car can be highly beneficial for cleaning up after long trips.
  • You can store these machines in your car’s boot. They are specially designed to fit into tiny places, and their compact size allows you to hold them easily with just one hand.
  • You can always get extra attachments for performance that is more superior. For example, if you want to clean dirt and dust from seats without rinsing it, you can opt for an attachment with brush at the end.
  • With the car vacuum cleaner you will be able to clean your car seats, carpets, coaches and other little messes easily.
vacuum upholstery cleaner
Car Upholstery Cleaner
Cleaning the upholstery of your car is not as simple as it seems. Removing spot marks and stains manually wastes a lot of your time as well as energy. With the help of car upholstery cleaner, you can perform the same job within a few minutes. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying car upholstery cleaner:
  • Using personal upholstery cleaner is comparatively much cheaper and efficient than hiring car cleaning services.
  • It is capable of removing even deep stains like pen ink or coffee from different corners of the car easily.
  • These are specially designed to help people clean their car in the fastest way possible.
  • You get quality cleaning of your upholstery without wasting much effort.
Before using car upholstery cleaner, make sure that you won’t have to use your car for next couple of hours. After all, who wants to sit in a wet and soapy car seat? Moreover, you might leave deeper stains if you use them while the fabric is still wet.